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Yagya Adhikari: Publikationen

Referierte Zeitschriften
Kunwar, RM; Adhikari, YP; Sharma, HP; Rimal, B; Devkota, HP; Charmakar, S; Baral, K; Ansari, AS; Thapa-Magar, S; Paudel, HR; Baral, S; Sapkota, P; Jentsch, A: Distribution, use, trade and conservation of Paris polyphylla Sm. in Nepal, Global Ecology and Conservation, 23, 2351-9894 (2020)
Kunwar, RM; Fadiman, MM; Hindle, T; Suwal, MK; Adhikari, YP; Baral, K; Bussmann, RW: Composition of forests and vegetation in the Kailash Sacred Landscape, Nepal, Journal of Forestry Research (2019)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, A; Fischer, HS; Rokaya, MB; Bhattarai, P; Gruppe, A: Diversity, composition and host-species relationships of epiphytic orchids and ferns in two forests in Nepal, , 14(6) (2017)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, HS; Fischer, A: Epiphytic orchids and their ecological niche under anthropogenic influence in central Himalayas, Nepal, Journal of Mountain Science, 13(5), 774-784 (2016)
Pandey, KP; Adhikari, YP; Weber, M: Structure, composition and diversity of forest along the altitudinal gradient in the Himalayas, Nepal, Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 14(2), 235-251 (2016)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, A; Pauleit, S: Conservation and sustainable utilization perspectives for epiphytic orchids, Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 13(3), 753-767 (2015)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, HS; Fischer, A: Micro-site conditions of epiphytic orchids in a human impact gradient in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, Journal of Mountain Science, 29, 331-342 (2012)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, HS; Fischer, A: Host tree utilization by epiphytic orchids in different human impact categories in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, , 213, 1393-1412 (2012)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, A: Tourism: Boon for Forest Conservation, Livelihood, and Community Development in Ghandruk VDC, Western Nepal, The Initiation, 4, 35-45 (2011)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, A: Distribution Pattern of the epiphytic orchid Rhynchostylis retusa under strong human influence in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, Journal of Plant Science, 8, 90-99 (2011)
Adhikari, YP; Fischer, A: Trend Analysis and Purpose of Use of Some Important Plant and Animal Species of Ghandruk VDC, Nepal, Our Nature, 8, 122-130 (2010)
Nicht referierte Zeitschriften und Reihen
Adhikari, YP: Canopy and Environment Conservation Nepal, ICAN- Newsletter, 17(2), 3 (2011)
Devkota, MP; Adhikari, YP: Canopy and Environment Conservation in Nepal, ICAN- Newsletter: What’s up?, 17(4), 1-2 (2011)
Bücher und Buchkapitel
Adhikari, YP; Jentsch, A; Kunwar, RM: Rhynchostylis retusa (L.) Blume. Orchidaceae, , Ethnobotany of the Himalayas (2021)
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