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Yagya AdhikariDr.

Yagya Adhikari

Postdoc & International Fellow

e-Mail: Yagya.Adhikari(at)uni-bayreuth.de

Research Interest

Dr. Adhikari is a dedicated canopy research scientist studying and modelling plants, biodiversity, ecosystem functions and nature conservation in the changed contexts. His PhD work proposed a management strategy for the long-term conservation of epiphytic orchids and maintenance of harmony with associated hosts, habitats and herbs in the Himalayas. His postdoctoral research extended to pursue vegetation ecology and to develop a better interaction algorithm of forestry, trees, epiphytes and their dispersals (insects) for subtropical secondary forests. He is an experienced field botanist and biostatistician. He is further interested to analyse the impacts and influence of geography, distribution regime, bio-climate, land-use pattern and conservation needs in the nexus of climate change and global warming.


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