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Reddy, C S; Babar, Shilpa; Giriraj, A; Reddy, K N; Rao, K Thulsi: Structure and Floristic Composition of Tree Diversity in Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest of Eastern Ghats, Southern Andhra Pradesh, India, Asian Journal of Scientific Research, 1(1), 57-64 (2008)
This study inventoried three tropical dry deciduous forest tree communities in Eastern Ghats of Southern Andhra Pradesh, India. Three 1 ha plots area were established one each in Nallamalais, Seshachalam and Nigidi hills. A total of 137 tree species, 2205 stems (735 ha-1) of >=10 cm girth were enumerated. Tree communities at the three sites differed in dominance, composition, diversity and structure. Tree stand density varied from 674 to 796 ha-1 with average basal area of 11.46 m2 ha-1. Shannon-Wiener index (H) ranges from 4.11 to 4.89. Site 1 is dominated by Pterocarpus marsupium (28.1) and Anogeissus latifolia (26.2), site 2 by Pterocarpus santalinus (44.5) and Terminalia pallida (42.4) and site 3 by Chloroxylon swietenia (46.2) and Albizia amara (25.9). Site 1 (Nallamalais) forests are more diverse at spatial scale and all taxonomic levels than their counterparts, due to high rainfall and favourable edaphic conditions. The present study can serve as baseline information for monitoring and sustaining the phytodiversity of tropical dry deciduous forests in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
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