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Thomas PickelB.Sc. Geoecology

Thomas Pickel


Bis 01/2020 beim Lehrstuhl für Biogeografie
e-Mail: thomas.pickel(at)gmx.de

Bachelor Thesis:

In my bachelor thesis 'A time-elevation survey of plant primary succession and soil resource dynamics on lava-flows on a Canary Island' I found an increasing plant richness over a 6000 years chronosequence and evidence for relative constant plant-available P levels through time. Also, I investigated species-specific plant-soil interactions. Target species Pinus canariensis (C.Sm) was found to have no effect on soil composition while Rumex lunaria (L.) altered almost all soil variables significantly.

Master Thesis:

For my Master thesis I am investigating the global distribution patterns of legumes in grasslands using control plots of various projects. The aim is to better understand the reasons for nitrogen-fixing plant occurance in the context of climate and soil resources.

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