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/Global Change Ecology M.Sc.

C: Societal Change

NummerTitelCredit PointsSemesterKurs Nr.
C1Climate Policies and Economics5 
 Climate Policy and Instruments (C1a)2174033
 Climate Diplomacy (C1b)3174034
C2Ecosystem Services5 
 Ecosystem Services (C2a)2174035
 Current Research in Ecosystem Services (C2b)3174036
C3Global Economy5 
 Globalization of Economies and the Environment (C3a)2274037
 Globalization of Economies and the Environment (C3b)3274038
C4Global Policy and Governance5 
 Economics of Global Environmental Change (C4a)2274041
 Global Change Policy, Contracts and Administrative Strategies (CBD und IPBES) (C4b)3274040
C5Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions of Global Change5 
 Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions of Global Change (C5)5174083
C6Sport Ecology5 
 Interactions of sport and ecology (C6a)3157021
 Impact Assessment of Outdoor Sports (C6b)2157011
C7Land Use Policies, Markets, and Ecosystems5 
 Land Use Policies, Markets, and Ecosystems (C7a)3174046
 Modelling Land Use Policies, Markets, and Ecosystems (C7b)2128440
C8Biodiversity, Climate Change and Health

Learning Objectives: At the end of this course, the students will have acquired a good understanding of how drivers such as loss of biodiversity, land use change or climate change can impact on human and animal health.

Course Content: The lecture synthesizes information on the most important interlinkages between biodiversity, climate change and health. It covers the concepts of one health, and planetary health and includes an overview of related Sustainable Development Goals, CBD Aichi Targets, and the joint work program of CBD and WHO. In the seminar we review and discuss current contributions which cover the biodiversity - climate change - health nexus especially for zoonotic infectious diseases and use this knowledge to articulate future research priorities.

 Health implications of Global Change (C8a)2274098
 Current Research in Health implications of Global Change (C8b)3274099
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