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Seminar: Land Cover and Land Use Change (28902)

WS 2009/2010

Thomas Koellner, Manuel Steinbauer



The lecture will give an overview over the development of land use and land cover change concentrating on the last few hundred years to lay the basis for understanding today's ongoing changes. Drivers of land use and land cover change are identified. The impacts of land use change on nutrient cycling, carbon balance, water cycle, global atmospheric conditions, biodiversity etc. are assessed. The feedback mechanisms of land use/cover change and climate change are explored. A central point is the impact of land use change on the environment and thus the living conditions of humans. Also the interrelation of political change and land use change is dealt with. Measures to minimize negative impacts of land use changes and future prospects are discussed.


The lecture (2 SWS) is compulsory for students of „Global Change Ecology“ and optional but probably be of interest for students from geoecology, biology, African Development Studies (any others are welcome). The lectures will be given in English.

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