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Seminar: Spatial Ecology (B4a) (74025)

WS 2016/2017
Mo.: 10:00-12:00, S 25 (GEO)

Anja Jaeschke


Recommended for 3rd semester!


First meeting: 18th of October (12:00-14:00, PC-Pool AI, during Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes)

Starting date Seminar: 24th of October

Please note that "Spatial Ecology" and "Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes" belong together. The first meeting for both courses will be on Tuesday 18th of October (see above).


Please enrol on e-learning. The e-learning course page covers the seminar "Spatial Ecology" as well as the exercise "Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes". Enrollment is only once necessary.

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