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Publikationen des Jahres 2021

Referierte Zeitschriften
Adhikari, YP; Hoffmann, S; Kunwar, RM; Bobrowski, Maria; Jentsch, A; Beierkuhnlein, C: Vascular epiphyte diversity and host tree architecture in two forest management types in the Himalaya, Global Ecology and Conservation, e01544 (2021)
Beierkuhnlein, C: Nature-based solutions must be realized - not just proclaimed - in face of climatic extremes, ERDKUNDE international journal, 75(3), 1-20 (2021)
Beierkuhnlein, C; Fischer, JC: Global biomes and ecozones – Conceptual and spatial communalities and discrepancies, Erdkunde, 75(4), 249-270 (2021)
Beierkuhnlein, C; Walentowitz, A; Welss, W: FloCan - A Revised Checklist for the Flora of the Canary Islands, Diversity, 13(418), 1-19 (2021)
Cervellini, M; Musciano, M; Zannini, P; Fattorini, S; Jiménez-Alfaro, B; Agrillo, E; Attorre, F; Angelini, P; Beierkuhnlein, C; Casella, L; Field, R; Fischer, JC; Genovesi, P; Hoffmann, S; Irl, S; Nascimbene, J; Rocchini, D; Steinbauer, MJ; Vetaas, OR; Chiarucci, A: Diversity of EU habitat types is correlated with geography more than climate and human pressure, Authorea (2021)
Cheng, Y; Tjaden, N; Jaeschke, A; Thomas, S M; Beierkuhnlein, C: Using centroids of spatial units in ecological niche modelling: Effects on model performance in the context of environmental data grain size, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2021, 1-11 (2021)
Eibes, P; Eisenbacher, J; Beierkuhnlein, C; Chiarucci, A; Field, R; Jentsch-Beierkuhnlein, A; Köhler, T; Vetaas, OR; Irl, S: Co-occurrence frequency in vegetation patches decreases towards the harsh edge along an arid volcanic elevational gradient, Frontiers of Biogeography, 13(3), 1-24 (2021)
Enkhtur, K; Brehm, G; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Effects of grazing on macro-moth assemblages in two different biomes in Mongolia., Ecological Indicators (2021)
Enkhtur, K; Brehm, G; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Alpha and beta diversity patterns of macro-moths reveal a breakpoint along a latitudinal gradient in Mongolia., Scientific Reports, 11(1), 1-13 (2021)
Hoffmann, S: Challenges and opportunities of area‑based conservation in reaching biodiversity and sustainability goals, Biodiversity and Conservation (2021)
Irl, S; Schweiger, A; Steinbauer, MJ; Ah-Peng, C; Arévalo, JR; Beierkuhnlein, C; Chiarucci, A; Daehler, CC; Fernández-Palacios, JM; Flores, O; Kueffer, CH; Maděra, P; Otto, Rüdiger; Schweiger, JMI; Strasberg, D; Jentsch, A: Human impact, climate and dispersal strategies determine plant invasion on islands, Journal of Biogeography, 1-15 (2021)
Lawrence, A; Friedrich, F; Beierkuhnlein, C: Landscape fragmentation of the Natura 2000 network and its surrounding areas, PLoS ONE, 16(10), 1-22 (2021)
Lawrence, A; Hoffmann, S; Beierkuhnlein, C: Topographic diversity as an indicator for resilience of terrestrial protected areas against climate change, Global Ecology and Conservation, 25(e01445), 1-13 (2021)
Piatka, D; Wild, R; Hartmann, J; Kaule, R; Gilfedder, B; Peiffer, S; Geist, J; Beierkuhnlein, C; Barth, J: Transfer and transformations of oxygen in rivers as catchment reflectors of continental landscapes: A review, Earth-Science Reviews, 220(103729), 1-16 (2021)
Rocchini, D; Salvatori, N; Beierkuhnlein, C; Chiarucci, A; de Boissieu, F; Förster, M; Garzon-Lopezh, C; Gillespie, T; Hauffe, HC; He, KS; Kleinschmit, B; Lenoir, J; Malavasi, M; Moudrý, V; Nagendra, H; Payne, D; Šímová, P; Torresani, M; Wegmann, M; Féret, J-B: From local spectral species to global spectral communities: A benchmark for ecosystem diversity estimate by remote sensing, Ecological Informatics, 61(2021, 101195), 1-10 (2021)
Schweizer, AM; Leiderer, A; Mitterwallner, V; Walentowitz, A; Mathes, GH; Steinbauer, MJ: Outdoor cycling activity affected by COVID-19 related epidemic-control-decisions, PlosOne, 16(5), 1-14 (2021)
Solomon, J; Lawrence, A; Crews, A; Sambado, S; Swei, A: Host infection and community composition predict vector burden, Oecologia, 1-12 (2021)
Stiepani, J; Gillis, LG; Chee, SY; Pfeiffer, M; Nordhaus, I: Impacts of urbanization on mangrove forests and brachyuran crabs in Penang, Malaysia, Regional Environmental Change, 21(69), 1-13 (2021)
Tarantino, C; Forte, L; Blonda, P; Vicario, S; Tomaselli, V; Beierkuhnlein, C; Adamo, M: Intra-Annual Sentinel-2 Time-Series Supporting Grassland Habitat Discrimination., Remote Sensing, 2021(13, 277), 1-29 (2021)
Tjaden, N; Cheng, Y; Beierkuhnlein, C; Thomas, S M: Chikungunya Beyond the Tropics: Where and When Do We Expect Disease Transmission in Europe?, Viruses, 13, 1024 (2021)
doi:https://doi.org/10.3390/v13061024 -- Details
Walentowitz, A; Kienle, D; Sungur, L; Beierkuhnlein, C: Vegetation plot and trait data from phonolitic and basaltic rocks on La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), Data in Brief, 37(107229), 1-6 (2021)
Walentowitz, A; Manthey, M; Bentet Preciado, MB; Chango, R; Sevilla, C; Jäger, HJ: Limited natural regeneration of unique Scalesia forest following invasive plant removal in Galapagos, PLOS ONE, 16(10), 1-11 (2021)
Wang, S; Loreau, M; De Mazancourt, C; Isbell, F; Beierkuhnlein, C; Connolly, J; Doležal, J; Eisenhauer, N; Jentsch, A; Kreyling, J; Lanta, V; Leps, J; Polley, HW; Reich, PB; van Ruijven, J; Tilman, D; Wilsey, B; Craven, D: Biotic homogenization destabilizes ecosystem functioning by decreasing spatial asynchrony, Ecology (2021)
Weiser, F; Sauer, A; Gettueva, D; Field, R; Irl, S; Vetaas, OR; Chiarucci, A; Hoffmann, S; Fernández‐Palacios, JM; Otto, Rüdiger; Jentsch-Beierkuhnlein, A; Provenzale, A; Beierkuhnlein, C: Impacts of Forest Fire on Understory Species Diversity in Canary Pine Ecosystems on the Island of La Palma, Forests, 12(1638), 1-22 (2021)
Wilfahrt, P; Schweiger, A; Arfin Khan, M; Bahn, M; Berauer, B; Djukic, I; Eibes, P; Estiarte, M; von Heßberg, A; Ingrisch, J; Schmidt, IK; Klemm, K; Kröel-Dulay, G; Larsen, KS; Lohmus, K; Mänd, P; Penuelas, J; Schuchardt, M; Schweiger, JMI; Tietema, A; Urban, O; Vicca, S; Jentsch, A: Disentangling climate from soil nutrient effects on plant biomass production using a multispecies phytometer, Ecosphere, 12(8) (2021)
Nicht referierte Zeitschriften und Reihen
Kidane, Y; Hoffmann, S; Jaeschke, A; Beloiu, M; Beierkuhnlein, C: Ericaceous Vegetation of the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia Will Prevail in the Face of Climate Change., Research Square, 1-24 (2021)
Bücher und Buchkapitel
Beierkuhnlein, C: Gefährdung und Ziele von Schutzgebieten zum Erhalt von Biodiversität und funktionierenden Ökosystemen durch den Klimawandel in Obermaier, G. ; Miosga, M. ; Schrüfer, G. ; Barthmann, K.: Nachhaltigkeit, Bayreuther Kontaktstudium Geographie, 11, 43-53 (2021)
Enkhtur, K; Munkhbat, U; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Diversity of moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) in north-central Mongolia. In: Erforschung biologischer Ressourcen der Mongolei, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 14 (2021)
Hobohm, C; Beierkuhnlein, C; Börtitz, C; Clark, VR; El Balti, N; Fichtner, A: Land Use Change and the Future of Biodiversity. In: C. Hobohm (ed.), Perspectives for Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Environmental., Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 451-483 (2021)
Hobohm, C; Moro-Richter, M; Beierkuhnlein, C: Distribution and Habitat Affinity of Endemic and Threatened Species: Global and European Assessment. In: C. Hobohm (ed.), Perspectives for Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Environmental Challenges and Solutions., Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 233-277 (2021)
Sonstige Publikationen
Berauer, B; Wilfahrt, P; Schuchardt, M; Schucknecht, A; Jentsch, A: High Land-Use Intensity Diminishes Stability of Forage Provision of Mountain Pastures under Future Climate Variability, Agronomy, MDPI, 11(5), 910 (2021)

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