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Department of Biogeography

Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein

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Retzer, V: Biodiversity revisited – a new terminological concept
Poster, 36. Jahrestagung der GFÖ, Bremen: 2006-09-11 - 2006-09-15

Idea: Diversity space can be determined by three levels within the two dimensions time and space (figure 1). The three different levels of diversity are defined hierarchically. Each level contains all information from the lower levels and additionally opens new ways of understanding. Levels are differentiated by the number of units directly compared: Investigation of a single unit (inventory diversity), linear comparison of exactly two units (differentiation diversity), comparison of multiple units (pattern diversity) (Whittaker, 1972; Scheiner, 1992). This has the advantage that each level can be measured with the same methodology regardless whether it is investigated in time or space. E.g. spatial differentiation diversity along a transect can be described using a similarity index and the same similarity index can be used to describe temporal differentiation diversity at one point (e.g. Maynard & MacIsaac, 1998). An investigation of diversity can be described as any combination of the three levels within the two dimensions.
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