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Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein

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Eibes, P*; Kienle, D; Beierkuhnlein, C: Endemic vascular plants in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada National Park (Spain)
Poster, 6th International Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, Salzburg, Austria: 02.11.2017 - 03.11.2017

The Sierra Nevada National Park contains an outstanding number of endemic vascular plant species, especially at higher elevations. We sampled the floristic composition of 20 sites along an elevational gradient from 2000 up to 3482 m a.s.l. Thereby, patterns of endemicity, species richness and leaf colours had been investigated to quantify diversity aspects of endemics. This study is part of the H2020 ECOPOTENTIAL project and improves the link between high-elevation endemic species and their climatic endangerment with modern sampling approaches (magnetic site marking, remote sensing products).
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