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Pia EibesDr.

Pia Eibes


Bis 05/2017 beim Lehrstuhl für Biogeografie
e-Mail: pia.eibes(at)uni-bayreuth.de

I am a Research Associate at the Disturbance Ecology department and in general interested in vegetation science and botany, natural and anthropogenic disturbances, limnology and biogeography. In detail, I have worked with and/or I am interested in:

  • Patterns and adaptations of endemic plant species
  • Alpine and Mediterranean ecosystems
  • (Alpine) grasslands and heathlands
  • Experiments on climate change, drought, extreme events and plant communities
  • Plant and flower colors
  • Further: Peatlands, macrophytes and microplastic in freshwater systems, combining fieldwork and Spanish language skills, grasshoppers, nature conservation and invasive species

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