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Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein

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Do. 20.10.2011-Fr. 21.10.20118th International Workshop of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) [Details]
So. 25.09.2011-Do. 29.09.201112th EEF Congress 2011 [Details]
Di. 20.09.2011-Do. 22.09.2011IALE Europe WG Landscape Ecology in Practice - 2nd Symposium [Details]
Mo. 19.09.2011-Mi. 21.09.2011Vegetationsdatenbanken [Details]
Mo. 19.09.2011-Do. 22.09.2011IX Summer School "Crossing National Borders: People, Goods, Capital, and Ideas" [Details]
Do. 15.09.2011-So. 19.02.2012Tomás Saraceno. Cloud Cities [Details]
Mo. 12.09.2011-Do. 15.09.20116th European Mosquito Control Association Workshop (EMCA) [Details]
Mo. 12.09.2011-Mi. 14.09.2011British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2011 [Details]
Mo. 12.09.2011-Fr. 16.09.20113rd International Summer School "Spatial epidemiology in Megacities: Statistical and spatial analysis of Health under a changing climate" in combination with the 13th International Summer School "Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Models and Public Health" [Details]
Mo. 05.09.2011-Fr. 09.09.201141st Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland [Details]
So. 04.09.2011-Fr. 09.09.201110th International NCCR Climate Summer School "Climate Change, Extremes and Ecosystem Services" [Details]
Do. 18.08.2011-Di. 23.08.20118th IALE World Congress - Landscape ecology for sustainable environment and culture [Details]
So. 07.08.2011-Fr. 12.08.201196th ESA Annual Meeting 2011 [Details]
Do. 21.07.2011-Fr. 22.07.2011Third International Conference on Climate Change 2011 [Details]
So. 17.07.2011-Fr. 22.07.20119th International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar (9th IPCHS) [Details]
Mo. 11.07.2011-Di. 12.07.2011Ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation ? good practice examples and lessons learnt from Europe? [Details]
Do. 07.07.2011-Fr. 08.07.2011Medientraining für Biodiversitätsforschende: Biodiversität und Klima [Details]
Mi. 06.07.2011-Fr. 08.07.2011AGIT 2011 - Symposium und Fachmesse Angewandte Geoinformatik [Details]
Mo. 20.06.2011-Fr. 24.06.201154th Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science – IAVS [Details]
Mo. 13.06.2011-Fr. 17.06.20118th European Dry Grassland Meeting [Details]
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