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Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein

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Special Meeting Climate Change Biogeography of the IBS

Mi. 21.03.2018-So. 25.03.2018, Évora, Portugal

Special Meeting Climate Change Biogeography of the International Biogeographical Society (IBS)

Global environmental changes are driving biodiversity loss at unprecedented rates constituting a major threat to both human welfare and ecological stability. This realization has led to a growing interest in forecasting biological responses from local to global scales and from genes to ecosystems services. Despite unprecedented knowledge about natural systems it is not yet possible to make accurate predictions due to our incomplete understanding of how biological systems function and interact with physical and socioeconomic factors. Anthropogenic climate change and its realized and potential socio-environmental impacts and feedbacks represent the kind of large‐scale complex phenomena for which the integrative broad‐scale view of biogeography is especially useful. This meeting focuses on the role of Biogeography in addressing the challenges associated with predicting future responses to climate change.


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