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Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein

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Ange Raharivololoniaina

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Bis 09/2020 beim Lehrstuhl für Biogeografie
e-Mail: Nomenjanahary.A.Raharivololoniaina(at)stmail.uni-bayreuth.de


2015 - present

Master of Science in Global Change Ecology

University of Bayreuth, Germany

2010 - 2014

Master I in Plant Ecology

University of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Department of Plant Biology and Ecology




04 - 06/2014

Volunteer : World Wide Fund for nature

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Project: Environmental Education and distribution of Ecological Lamps


06/2013 – 02/2014

Internship at the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Biodiversity conservation, concept of a National Park, case study:

Ranomafana National Park


Internship at the Botanical and Zoological Park of Tsimbazaza

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Conservation, Valorization and Management of natural resources


07/2014 - 08/2014

Summer school about Primate Behavior, Biodiversity Field Methods, Ecosystems, and Malagasy Culture

Organised by Stony Brook University of America and Center ValBio Ranomafana, Madagascar

Independant project topic: "The impact of climate variable on plant growth in Ranomafana National Park between 2005 and 2013"

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