Open Positions at the Dept. of Biogeography

Several new job options will be opened at the Dept. of Biogeography, UBT. Particularly, within the EU Horizon 2020 Project ECOPOTENTIAL research positions linked with PhD studies will be available. These will be related to the following work packages: WP2 Conceptual Scientific Framework, WP 5, In situ Monitoring Data, WP 8 Cross-scale interaction, WP 9 Requirements of future protected areas. Special focus is given to the following protected areas: La Palma, Abisko, and Bavarian Forest. ECOPOTENTIAL is a large project that includes 47 partner institutions from many countries. It is running for three more years. Carl Beierkuhnlein is leading the whole project together with the coordinator Antonello Provenzale. In case of being interested in a PhD study in biogeography within this international framework, please contact Carl Beierkuhnlein directly by mail referring to open positions. Please add a short CV and specify your interest.



General information for HiWi-vacancies

HiWi-vacancies are offered in miscellaneous projects. For further information visit the notice-board of the chair or here on this web page.

last modified 2017-04-28