Beierkuhnlein, C*; Beck, C; Conrad, C; Dech, S; Jacobeit, J; Köllner, T; Müller-Mahn, D; Reineking, B; Steffan-Dewenter, I; Tenhunen, JD; Walther, GR; Audorff, V: Global Change Ecology – A Cross Discplinary Study Program
Poster, 39th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GfÖ), Bayreuth: 2009-09-14 - 2009-09-18


The program is devoted to understanding and analyzing the most important and consequential environmental concern of the 21st century; namely, Global Change. Problems of an entirely new and interdisciplinary nature require the establishment of innovative approaches in research and education. A special program focus is the linking of natural science perspectives on global change with approaches in social science disciplines.

The elite study program combines expertise of the Universities of Bayreuth, Augsburg and Würzburg, with that of Bavarian research institutions, and economic, administrative and international organisations. The program is unique in Germany from the standpoint of content and at the forefront with respect to international efforts. The goal is training of highly qualified leaders for tasks and problem solving in science, environmental protection, and with respect to political or economic decision making.

The University of Bayreuth provides an excellent profile and background in "Ecology and Environmental Science" as well as "African Studies" as determined by the expert commission "Science in Bavaria 2020". The academic departments provide special offerings for the elite degree program along with ongoing research projects that examine global change questions. Teaching language is English.

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