Granke, O; Schmiedinger, A; Walentowski, H: Konzepte und Schlüsselkriterien für die Bewertung von Biodiversität von Wald-Lebensräumen in Deutschland, Waldökologie-Online, Heft 1, 25-28 (2004)
Key words: Biodiversität, Wald
Biodiversity is currently an important issue for the EC (see Agenda 21, habitats directive). However, by which means can it be measured ? First of all, the evaluation requires a concept of hierarchical natural units (WHITTAKER 1972, 1977, BEIERKUHNLEIN 2003), filled with ecologically meaningful and easily recordable key criteria. In order to ensure the application of the theoretical term to nature protection, qualitative restrictions are required as well: Not the maximum of biodiversity, but the regionally and the individually specific biodiversity should be the objective of conservation.

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