Manuel SteinbauerDr.

Manuel Steinbauer


At Department of Biogeography until 03/2015
e-Mail: steinbauer(at)bios.au.dk

New position

Now working as PostDoc at Århus University, Denmark (new Homepage).

Research Interests

  • Non equilibrium dynamics
  • Island biogeography: theory and case studies
  • Elevational gradients and high-elevation ecosystems
  • Theoretical considerations on Biodiversity with a special focus on beta diversity and similarity
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Detection and quantification of Spatial and environmental gradients (e.g. Hyperspectral mapping)
  • Quantification of wall structure, its effect on Wall vegetation and biodeteriation by lichens
  • Effects and implications of man made Climate change


Wilhelm-Pfeffer Award by the German Ecological Society 2015.

PhD thesis was awarded to be the best in 2014 by the Ecologicl Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Teaching and University self-management

Teaching substitude for Prof. Björn Reineking (Biogeographical Modelling) from SS 2013 - WS 2014/15

Mid-level scientist at the Factulty for Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences at Bayreuth University from 10/2013 to 04/2015.




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