Ralf SchüpferlingDipl. Ing. (FH)

Ralf Schüpferling


At Department of Biogeography until 03/2007
e-Mail: ralf.schuepferling@uni-bayreuth.de

!! At the moment on parental leave!!

Main Topics

Remote Sensing, Geographical Informations Systems

Curriculum vitae

since 2004 Assistent at Dept. of Biogeography, Univ. Bayreuth
2001-2004 Assistent at the Limnologische Station Iffeldorf TUM
2000 Assistent at Landschaftinformatikzentrum der FH Weihenstephan
1999-2001 Assistent at Lehrstuhl für Landnutzungs-
planung und Naturschutz
1998 Advanced training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
1997 Temporary work contract at Planungsbüro Wirz, Hannover
1992 Internship at Planungsbüro Triops, Göttingen
1990-1996 Studies of landscape architecture, FH Weihenstephan

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