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Andreas Schmiedinger: Curriculum Vitae

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Andreas Schmiedinger
Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge
95485 Warmensteinach
Dipl.-Agricultural Biologist



University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, degree: Dipl.-Agricultural-Biologist, subject area: plant production.

Diploma thesis: „Spatial diversity of ground vegetation in the Norway spruce forests of the Fichtelgebirge.“ (in co-operation with the Chair of Biogeography at the University of Bayreuth


Agricultural academy, Landsberg am Lech, degree: state-certified agricultural technical assistant


Gymnasium Wunsiedel, degree: Abitur, certificate from the Association of German Biologists for the research project: „Investigations on owl casts with special focus on the Eurasian Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum)“

Freelance occupation (Agrobiol)


Research project funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt: „Restoration of walls at the castle Rosenberg in Kronach-a model project for the co-operation of monument protection and nature conservancy.“

Development of methods to evaluate the interrelation between vegetation (vascular plants, mosses and lichens) and stonework in interdisciplinary co-operation with scientists from the subject areas material sciences, preservation of historical buildings and zoology customer: Academy for Ecological Education, Mitwitz



Participation in the research project: „Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions in Grasslands (BIOLOG)“ University of Bayreuth, Department of Agricultural Ecology (customer),

preparation of lysimeter and filling substrate, development of filling techniques


Participation in the land cultivation- and development planning for the Naturpark Frankenwald,

organisation of workshops, interviews with officials, working with GIS, development of ideas for regional marketing and tourism, customer: Centre of Nature Conservancy, Mitwitz


Literature investigations on plant protection and plant cultivation,

aquisition of funding (submitting of proposals)

Occupation as agricultural biologist

since 01/03

Research associate at the University of Bayreuth, Chair of Biogeography, DFG-project:

"Biodiversity of ground vegetation in the forests of the Fichtelgebirge and the Monashee Mountains (British Columbia) - BIOFOR"


REsearch associate at the University of Rostock, Department of Landscape planning and Landscape Ecology, DFG-project:

"Biodiversity of Biodiversität ground vegetation in the forests of the Fichtelgebirge and the Monashee Mountains (British Columbia) - BIOFOR"


Research associate at the University of Bayreuth, Chair of Ecological Chemistry and Geochemistry, literature investigation:"Evaluation of the Occurrence of PCDD/PCDF and POPs in Wastes and their Potential to Enter the Foodchain" for the Europeen Commission, DG Environment.

Practical training at the University of Hohenheim


Practical training in agriculture (cattle management, crop farming and direct marketing)
Organic farm Schleicher, Kulmbach


Participation in planning and management of field tests, development of sampling systems, sampling and analysis of pesticide residues in buffer stripes and atmosphere
Chair of Plant Pathology, University of Hohenheim


Analysis of soil samples
Chair of Soil Science, University of Hohenheim


Soil mapping in Stuttgart and in the surrounding countryside
Chair of Soil Science at the University of Hohenheim

Occupation as agricultural technical assistant


Chair of Ecological Chemistry and Geochemistry


Technical maintenance of equipment in the dioxin laboratory.

Sampling, analysis of dioxins, furans and biphenyl´s as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in samples from flue gas, filter dust, slag, milk- and other sample matrix.

Assistance on the development of new methods for the analysis of organic compounds environmental samples. Training of students, doctoral students and guests in the analysis of dioxins and safety regulations in a trace laboratory.

Practical training at the Bavarian Institute of Soil Cultivation and Plant Production


Practical training at the Bavarian Institute of Soil Cultivation and Plant Production in Munich and Freising

Methods of soil physics, zoology, microbiology in the field and lab

Seed testing

Cultivation of grain, potatoes, forage and renewable resources

In-vitro-culture and cytological research methods

Identification of parasites in plant production

Social engagement


Fichtelgebirgsverein Nagel

Short study trips an oral presentations about environmental protection, conceptions for tourism and hiking trails


Voluntary fire brigade Nagel

Youth work, training of fire fighters, chief of the fire brigade





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