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Gerald Jurasinski: Curriculum Vitae

Name Gerald Jurasinski
birthday 24.03.1975
place of birth Quedlinburg
marital status single
nationality german
residence Bayreuth
title Dipl.-Ing. for land management and environmental sciences
> education
> practical experience
> projects and skills


Primary and secondary school “Karl Liebknecht” in the town of Hoym, without graduation
Grammar school “Stephaneum” in the town of Aschersleben, high school graduation: 1,4
Military Service
Studies at the University of Rostock, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
PhD-Studies at the Department of Landscape Planning and Landscape Ecology of the University of Rostock, scienific assistant
PhD-Studies at the Department of Biogeography of the University of Bayreuth, scienific assistant

Practical Experience

Internship at the “engineering company Lübbers - independent consulting engineers for hydraulic engineering, water management & road construction”
Study accompanying practical training at the STAUN (national department for environmental protection and nature conservation) Rostock, project: Investigations regarding the possibility of restoring the bog vegetation of the Steinfelder Niederung through a raise of the ground water level
Practical training with IAESTE (International association for the exchange of students for technical experience) in Athens (Greece) at the Institute for ornamental plant cultivation and garden design of the Agricultural Unniversity
Internship at the Environmental Agency of the administrative district of Aschersleben, primarily in the department of nature conservation and water management
Internship at the nature conservation station "Unstrut-Triasland" in Naumburg. Data acquisition for the diploma thesis.
Participation in an ecological-geobotanical field trip to Sibiria, Traveling through the Western Sibirien Lowlands and the Altai Mountains
Student job at projekt rk Messebau GmbH (exhibition stand construction) in Rostock/Stäbelow
Scientific assistant at the University of Rostock (Team Landscape Ecology and Habitat Sciences inside the department of Landscape Planning and Landscape Ecolgy)

Scientific assistant at the University of Bayreuth (Department of Biogeography)

Projects and Skills

Workings / Projects Acquiring of third-party funds at the Department of Landscape Planning and Landscape Ecology, University of Rostock and at the University of Bayreuth (Project Design, Filing of Application, (> PhD-project)
Collaboration in lesson preparation (inquiry, presentation design (PowerPoint))
WebDesign (web presentation for the PhD-students inside the Team for Landscape Ecology at the Department of Landscape Planning and Landscape Ecology of the University of Rostock, web presentation for the Department of Biogeography of the University of Bayreuth (precursor of this site), web presentation for the >AK Biogeografie
Lessons (University of Rostock: supervision of the excercise course Floristic Analysis, supervision of the field laboratory Practical Training in Methods of Landscape Ecology at the peninsula Darss (Baltic Sea)"; University of Bayreuth: supervision of the excercise course Determination of Plant Species, supervision of the field laboratory Vegetation Measuring in the Field (field laboratory Alps)
Collaboration in building-up the new Department of Biogeography at the University of Bayreuth (computer network)
Special Study Courses / Projects Planning and Calculation for the construction of a waste water canal connection for a single occupancy house colony
Constructive concept for a recycling hall including the yard with additional facilities
Comprehensive practical training in landscape ecology
Comparison of the building physics of houses with skeleton construction in special consideration of ecological insulants and building materials, remittance work for an engineering company to clarify the constructive efficiancy of houses with skeleton construction.
Design of a drainage for a field near the village Weitendorf (Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania)
Design for the construction of a country road including crossroads
Laboratory in Microbiology
Practical training in water protection with sampling from the Darßer Bodden (a lagune with brackish water) and analysis in the laboratory
Practical training in vegetation theorie on the peninsula Fischland-Darß (baltic sea)
Projects in Practical Training Concept for the new design of roads and ways in a small town planning area.
Collaboration in inspections at construction sites, in building of bills of quantities and in the verification of these during an internship in an engineering company (see above)
Inventory of the Garden of the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece) and visualization with AutoCAD
Preparation of expert advices according to the federal nature conservancy law (&15 NatSchG of Saxony-Anhalt) towards the project “New building of the federal road B6n”
Verification of possibilities to recover an old creek at the river Bode.
Registration of sewage dischargers on small streams as well as registration and mapping of surface waters
Mapping of vegetation and habitat-types during data acquisition for the diploma-thesis
Diploma thesis Management plan for the nature reserve Nuessenberg near Weischuetz (district Burgenlandkreis) including analyses regarding the need of protection of this area and the declaration of preference areas according to the FFH-directive of the europeen union
Languages English (excellent)
Schwedish (basic skills)
Spanish (good)
Russian (basic skills)
Miscellaneous Special knowledge: radiation protection (certificate)
Longtime experience on the Win and Mac-platform (Mac OS X and 9, Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT). Applications: MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), AutoCAD14 and 2000, relevant programs for image editing like Adobe PhotoShop, Corel DRAW, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator; Desktop-Publishing: Adobe InDesign, QuarkExpress, Adobe PageMaker, MacPublisherPro; Webdesign: Macromedia DreamWeaver, HTML-Code (BBEdit), javaScript; database development: FileMaker
profound knowledge in GIS (ArcView/ArcGis) and statistics (applications like Statistica, Canoco, Pc-Ord, JMP)
driving licence (car and small truck, since 04/1993)
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